Thursday, June 23, 2011

Covert Affairs - Bang and Blame

When a CIA trainee's name is leaked Joan (Kari Matchett) sends Annie (Piper Perabo) back to the Farm undercover to expose the leak who they believe to be the weapon's trainer (Tim Guinee) at the CIA training facility. However, Annie soon learns her second stint as a trainee isn't as easy she remembers.

Aside from keeping her cover and trying to find the leak (which turns not to be the obvious choice), Annie has to try and fit back into a role she's already outgrown as well as deal with a rather uncooperative roommate (Tamara Hope).

Also worthy of note are the introduction of a trio of new characters all making first appearances. The first is a doctor (Ben Lawson) Annie when she takes her niece to the emergency room who could either be a red herring or a possible love interest. The second is Arthur's (Peter Gallagher) first wife (Rena Sofer) who seems to an evil glee in stirring the pot. And the last is a United States Senator (Greg Ellwand) who has made a name for himself by going after the CIA in general, and Arthur in particular, in the press.

The training scenes really showcase how far Annie has come since the show's first episode. Even if she finishes her weapons training and finally gets her diploma in this episode, she's long since graduated into the role of a full spy. Although I'm still not sure about all the new characters, and so many in a single episode, I'm willing to wait and see how things play out.

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