Thursday, June 23, 2011

Flashpoint: Kid Flash Lost (in the Matrix) #1

So, Kid Flash is not only lost in the Flashpoint universe, he's also in the 31st Century. He's a time traveler, I guess that'll be okay. And, like Barry Allen he's disconnected from the Speed Force. Sounds kinda boring, but maybe the story will be good. The 31st Century is ruled by Braniac. Braniac? Sigh, okay. And he's turned the entire world into The Matrix. Wait, what?

Sigh. We begin with a scene between Barry Allen and Bart that is makes Michael Bay's Transfromers look subtle in comparision. Given the level of dickishness he's showing to his grandson it's obvious what Bart is experiencing isn't real. I mean, who does this fake Barry think he is, Hal Jordan?

It's too bad that story isn't real, because once Kid Flash is pulled into the real world (and starts disappearing) things get even worse. And that's hard to do when you've got an impressive super-villain base filled with killer robots. Of course it's made infinitely easier if you just steal your plot from The Matrix. Pass.

[DC, $2.99]

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