Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Darkwing Duck #13

As Darkwing Duck continues to search for answers to Morgana's disappearance by visiting every psychic and palm reader within the city limits a new villain takes St. Canard by storm. A former relief pitcher known for never throwing the same thing twice has gone, well, screwball.

Under the guise of of One-Shot, the town's newest super-villain, armed with a mysterious magic overcoat from which he can pull objects from other dimensions, throws everything he's got (literally) at the city's populace (but only once). Distracted by Morgana's disappearance, Darkwing's first attempt to stop the new evil-doer doesn't go quite as planned.

Never fear! Darkwing manages to pull himself together and save the city (and Gosalyn, who has gotten herself captured by the crazy former pitcher). Our hero also decides on a questionable new course of action that may prove to be his downfall. Worth a look.

[Boom, $3.99]

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