Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Mission #4

What if someone you never met, walked up to you and demanded you perform unspeakable acts? And the consequences to you and the lives of your family, should yo refuse, would be dire? That's the basic premise behind The Mission.

The latest issue finds Paul with a much simpler, and he hopes fall less bloody, mission. All he need do is break into the Iroquois County Museum of History and steal a single artifact. Let's just say things don't go exactly as planned.

With only two issues to go I have to say I'm a little mystified how Jon and Erich Hoeber plan on wrapping up a series that's done its best to keep everything close to the vest. We still don't know who the mysterious man some believe to be the archangel Gabriel truly is, who he really works for, why Paul was chosen for assignments he seems ill-suited for, and who the mysterious "the other side" is as well.

This issue once again gives us an egaging story where Paul finds quickly spiraling far out of his control into a bloody mess. Would we expect anything less from the screenwriters of Red? Worth a look.

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