Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Deadpool #37

Sporting a serious death wish, Deadpool seeks out to antagonize one of the few creatures in the Marvel Universe who might be able to kill him - The Hulk (the original one, not one of the dozen or so other versions Marvel has running around now).

As an added incentive Deadpool has bought himself some nuclear bombs from the black market in hopes that they'll help the Hulk decide to give Deadpool the one thing he wants - death.

There's plenty of action in this issue including some very humorous panels involving Deadpool stuffing grenades down the Hulk's throat before detonating them. Although the rest of the art is fine, I'm not sold on Bong Dazo's take on the Hulk which looks more like a giant green Bane on serious Venom bender than the Hulk.

As an idea, this one works fine for a single issue, although I'm not sure we need to see it continue for another month. Still, there's fun and plenty of insanity to be had here. And isn't that what you want from a Deadpool comic? Worth a look.

[Marvel, $2.99]

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