Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Hawaii Five-0 - Helu Pu

The investigation into the murder at a fundraiser puts McGarret (Alex O'Loughlin) and causes an international incident that leaves the Lt. Governor (Richard T. Jones) with no other choice but to hold Lori (Lauren German) responsible for the actions of the team and demand her resignation.

While investigating the murder Five-0 discovers the a previous attack on victim's sister (Sarah Habel) is behind the current crime. Given the politics of the situation, however, Five-0 finds itself powerless to stop him.

Hiding out in the Russian embassy the diplomat (Ryan Merriman) who raped one sister and has now murdered the other is safe from prosecution. That is until McGarrett's team comes up with a ridiculous plan to smoke him out by having Chin (Daniel Dae Kim) drive a van full of nuclear waste into the embassy an an attempt to get their suspect to flee the scene.

Although the plan works, one agent will have to face the music be resigning her post. It is interesting to note the episode which ends the McGarrett/Lori flirtation also returns Michelle Borth to the show as McGarrett's on-again/off-again girlfriend Catherine Rollins.

Although the mystery itself isn't all that interesting, and the resolution is ridiculous for an SNL skit, let alone a primetime cop drama, how the episode is cut together and the loss of an important character help make up for the the show's weak points.

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