Saturday, February 18, 2012

Person of Interest - Blue Code

Reese (Jim Caviezel) goes undercover as part of a smuggling ring to protect the latest person of interest, a police officer (Michael Aronov) working undercover as part to take down the leader of the gang (José Zúñiga) and the shadowy man behind the scenes (Michael Berresse) in charge of the entire operation.

Besides the undercover operation Reese can't let on he knows about, things are further complicated when Finch (Michael Emerson) learns the group is connected to the dirty cops that allowed Elias (Enrico Colantoni) to put a hit out on Detective Carter (Taraji P. Henson), and they have just tipped off Vargas (Zúñiga) that he has a cop in his crew. A couple of nice twists later (one seeing Reese shot and locked in the trunk of a burning car) Reese is able to help the cop get his man, even if the system will make sure he's never prosecuted.

Fusco (Kevin Chapman) gets a new assignment, and not one that he wanted. In protecting the undercover cop's identity he finds his life and career in danger. The only way out for him is to pretend to still be the dirty cop he used to be and become Reese's man inside the group of dirty cops known as HR. We'll have to see how this story progresses over the rest of the show's first season.

The episode also includes flashback from one of Reese's final missions with Snow (Michael Kelly) and Cara Stanton Annie Parisse in New York and the temptation to reach out to someone from his past. Although not as well connected to the episode's main story as the previous flashbacks, it is nice to get a little more information on Reese before he went to work for Finch.

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