Thursday, February 23, 2012

White Collar – Stealing Home

With only a week left before his hearing Neal (Matt Bomer) looks to help the FBI take down a legendary con man (Hal Ozsan) who has never been caught but Peter (Tim DeKay, who also directed the episode) fears Neal might be tempted in Taylor's latest job involves robbing Babe Ruth's first home-run ball from Yankee Stadium for a spoiled millionaire (Ward Horton).

The plan seems to be going smoothly until the client's need to control everything and Taylor's trademark cautiousness leave Neal and Mozzie (Willie Garson) on the inside completely disconnected from the FBI. Although Peter is afraid Neal might be taken in by Taylor's game, it's actually Mozzie who push comes to shove can't bring himself to let the thief go down for the crime.

Several other smaller stories revolve around Neal's impending hearing. After learning of the hearing Sarah (Hilarie Burton) spends some time getting to know Neal again and makes a decision about testifying. And Agent Kramer's (Beau Bridges) team find a code in Neal's prison letters to Kate (Alexandra Daddario) that stop Neal's early releasing from happening.

The episode works well as both Neal and Mozzie are tempted by the life they could lead should Neal be freed his FBI handlers. However, it's Sarah who notices that Neal isn't the same thief he was six years ago. There's also a couple of nice scenes where Neal and Peter bond over Peter's love of baseball and the love of his previous career as a major league pitching prospect which went unfulfilled.

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Tom Badguy said...

Interesting show, I will have to check it out.