Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Winter Soldier #2

Part of the trouble when starting a new comic is the time necessary to set-up not only the story you want to tell but the characters, the villains, their motivations and relationships, and even the world in which the comic takes place. Despite beginning with Bucky and the Black Widow taking on a gorilla with a machine gun and a jet-pack (which is pretty damn cool) the second issue of Winter Soldier gets bogged down a bit by still setting up what this comic is going to be.

Winter Soldier #2 isn't a bad read, but I'm still not quite sold on the art by Butch Guice which simply isn't my taste (although it fits well enough with the Cold War spy story the comic kinda wants to be), and the story gets a little bogged down by stopping to explain more about the Soviet assassins the Winter Soldier trained and give us a little more insight into the plans of Lucia Von Bardas.

The comic is still worth a look but I think once writer Ed Brubaker can spend less time on set-up and let the stories flow more naturally I'll be happier with the result. Worth a look.

[Marvel, $2.99]

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