Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Mentalist - War of the Roses

Although Lisbon (Robin Tunney) thinks it's a terrible idea, Jane (Simon Baker) is intrigued when he is contacted by one of the murderers he helped put away, Erica Flynn (Morena Baccarin), who believes she can help CBI solve the latest murder of a woman (Christine Garver) who was once her client.

In return for temporarily letting her out of prison, and into the care of the CBI, Erica agrees to help the team track down the killer. The initial suspects include an abusive counselor (Greg Serano) at the charity the victim worked, a troubled teen (Felix Ryan), and the married man (Ian Bohen) with whom the victim was having an affair.

Understanding his love of theatrics and white lies, Erica's antics go hand-in-hand with Jane's, and she even agrees to help him in his elaborate unveiling of the killer (Joe Spano) who was embezzlement scam with the non-profit the victim was working for.

Of course Erica's inevitable attempt to escape is thwarted by Jane, but then the show throws in one last twist which may mean we haven't seen the last of Baccarin's character after all. And that is a good thing as Baker and Baccarin have some great chemistry together on-screen.

The episode also includes a B-story involving Wayne (Owain Yeoman) and Sarah (Jillian Bach) starting a childbirth classes and even a proposal. Although nothing special, Sarah's well-reasoned answer to his proposal does work well.

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