Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Franklin and Bash - L'affaire Du Coeur

In the space of a handful of minutes Franklin (Breckin Meyer) and Bash (Mark-Paul Gosselaar) go from arguing a case in front of Judge Kohler (Don McManus) to defending him when the judge is served and removed from the bench under charges of sleeping with a female Assistant District Attorney (Bellamy Young) over whose cases he was presiding. The biggest obstacle to their defense is the fact that the affair is real, although the judge swears he has recused himself from any cases she was involved in once the pair secretly began dating.

Although Peter and Jared uncover the identity of the man (Jamie McShane) framing the judge of a crime that will send him to jail they are quickly running time and have no proof to back their claim, even with some snooping from Carmen (Dana Davis) that uncovers the man's fiance isn't the woman she's been claiming to be. However, they do have just enough time for one trademark Franklin and Bash courtroom stunt.

In the episode's B-story Damien (Reed Diamond) is approached by a college friend (Tuc Watkins) who needs his help to prove he's gay after he stands accused of fraud and "heterosexual cheating" when the softball team he joined won the championship. Damien's doubts as to the true sexual preference of a man he knew in college as a ladies man aren't helped by the appearance of the man's ex-wife (Michele Nordin) or when he learns the only reason Lance joined the gay league was the fact he was banned for life from his regular league two days before joining his new team.

The unorthodox episode of the pair representing a judge who can't stand them makes for some fun moments. Damien's story is intentionally a little more awkward, but the resolution works fine. The episode also includes the return of Peter's ex, Assistant District Attorney Janie Ross (Claire Coffee), who they go up against in court (and Peter goes down on in her chambers). Although I'm glad to see Janie back, and their fire still burning, I'm a little confused why the show decided to get rid of Peter's second season girlfriend (Kat Foster) completely off-camera.

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