Monday, July 23, 2012

Leverage - The Blue Line Job

The team is hired by the son of a brain-damaged minor league hockey enforcer Craig Marko (Graham Shiels) whose owner (Treat Williams) markets hockey brawls no matter the injury or long term cost to the players, even if that means having the team doctors lie to the players about their health and falsify medical test results.

As Elliot (Christian Kane) goes undercover as the team's newest player to try and keep Marko from doing any more damage to himself by stealing the spotlight as the team's new enforcer, Nate (Timothy Hutton) uncovers the fact that the owner has put a bounty out on his own player to stop from paying out a $500,000 bonus.

To run a complicated grift on the Otters' owner Sophie (Gina Bellman) recruits an old friend and Ice Hocky Hall of Famer Vladimir Busiak (Thure Riefenstein) to make Rising believe he has a chance to buy into a WHL expansion opportunity, but the plan backfires when they oversell the idea and Rising instead decides to jump a sinking ship and let his team go bankrupt rather than try to compete.

Realizing that Rising will have to launder his ill-gotten cash before declaring bankruptcy Parker (Beth Riesgraf) not only figures out how the hockey owner will do it, but also how to steal the money using Hardison's (Aldis Hodge) latest toy. "The Blue Line Job" works well as the team has to immediately shift gears halfway into the con and it reminds us in its final scene that as brutal as Elliot can get at times it's Nate who can get truly scary when taking down someone like Risling.

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