Sunday, July 1, 2012

Rookie Blue - Girls' Night Out

Nash's (Enuka Okuma) first case as a detective-in-training involves an apparent vehicular homicide involving a bachelorette party and a parked car, but further investigation leads the police to believe the driver was dead long before the accident occurred. Under pressure from the city to remove the car from the train tracks Nash relents, only to discover to discover by doing so she's compromised the crime scene necessary to solve the murder.

Barber (Noam Jenkins), who was late to the scene, takes the heat for the mistake, but Nash refuses to let it rest and discovers that the victim and the members of the bachelorette party (Annie MurphyJackie EnglishJaNae Armogan) were attended the same club the night before. Enlisting the help of Andy (Missy Peregrym), Diaz (Travis Milne), and Peck (Charlotte Sullivan), Nash is able to tie the victim's brother (Daniel DeSanto) to the scene of the crime and uncover a drug trafficking ring.

The episode's B-story concerns Epstein's (Gregory Smith) refusal to attend the required psychiatric sessions following his shooting and trying to make peace with the victim's sister (Mouna Traoré) who wants to know what really happened in the convenience store and is far satisfied with Epstein's account.

I'm not happy with Epstein lying to his girlfriend about not attending therapy (besides being dumb it's completely unnecessary other than to force conflict where none is needed in a future episode), but the show does good seeding Nash's first doubts about her relationship with Barber, Swarek (Ben Bass) learning to let rookies screw-up a little, and once again trying to move the Gail / Collins (Peter Mooney) relationship forward.

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