Saturday, July 28, 2012

Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow #15

Despite her attempts to convince him otherwise Storm Shadow will not believe Rika that Snake Eyes will destroy the Arashikage Clan from within. And when Snake Eyes returns with news of the (apparent) death of Zartan the ninja once more feels at ease.

When Storm Shadow is contacted by the new Cobra Commander, who takes credit for Zartan's death, it is one insult too many for the ninja. Storm Shadow and Rika agree to meet the Commander, but the meeting is actually a double-cross by both sides and Snake Eyes will have to make a decision on whether to save Storm Shadow or let Cobra destroy him.

Balanced against the ongoing story are more flashbacks to Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes days as children in the clan as we are reminded again that although he has all the necessary skill, Snake Eyes doesn't have the right temperament for a ninja. And the issue gives us the first appearance of the Dreadnoks who find the wounded Zartan at the plane's crash site. I can't wait until next month! Worth a look.

[IDW $3.99]

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