Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #11

The latest issue is jam-packed with action as Splinter takes on the entire Foot Clan and the Teenange Mutant Ninja Turtles do battle with a local gang who is sick of seeing freaks and ninjas invade their turf. Although we'll have to wait yet another issue for the promised Splinter/Shredder throwdown there's plenty of action.

The story introduces Casey's old friend Angel, part of the Purple Dragons whose turf the Turtles new home sits in the middle of. At first the Dragons and Turtles don't quite see eye-to-eye, but learning they have a common enemy in The Foot Clan the two groups agree to set aside their differences... for the time being.

It's Splinter who takes center stage in terms of this issue's aciton as he not only takes takes down every single Foot ninja The Shredder can throw at him, and the Foot's mutant soldier Alopex, be he still has enough moxie left over to challenge the man who destroyed everything he loved. Worth a look.

[IDW, $3.99]

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