Thursday, July 26, 2012

Futurama - The Six Million Dollar Mon

After conducting the annual Planet Express employee performance review Hermes (Phil LaMarr) decides he's the one who needs to be fired and is replaced by a bureaucratic computer. Feeling a bit lost Hermes decides what he really needs is robotic augmentation (complete with chest harpoon, Cylon-eye, and extendo-arm).

Upset that the member of Planet Express whom he considers his best friend (but in reality can't stand him) is becoming less and less human, Zoidberg collects Hermes' old body parts and begins constructing a ventriloquist dummy as Hermes continues to get implants and upgrades until he becomes far more machine than man.

When the new and improved Mecha-Hermes decides he is still too human and requires a robot brain to replace his one remaining human part he seeks out the only mad scientist crazy enough to perform the experiment - Professor Farnsworth (Billy West). But when even the Professor balks at the operation Zoidberg steps in to perform the operation and save his best friend (who still hates his guts).

The concept is one of the more interesting of the latest group of Futurama episodes. And although the execution doesn't produce as much craziness and hilarity as I expected, there are plenty of laughs (including a "Monster Mash" homage) to go around as well as an ending that allows the show to get back to (relatively) normal.

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