Saturday, July 14, 2012

Rookie Blue - Coming Home

Called in to investigate an underground warehouse party Andy (Missy Peregrym) and Swarek (Ben Bass) come across a stabbed squatter. While taking statemtments from everyone at the scene one of the kids assaults Peck (Charlotte Sullivan) while trying to escape. The blue-haired teen turns out to be Shaw's (Matt Gordon) daughter Izzy (Chloe Rose) who knows far more about the stabbing than she initially lets on.

While questioning Izzy's best friend, Nash (Enuka Okuma) and Barber (Noam Jenkins) learn that Izzy has been dating a drug dealer who is the leading suspect in the stabbing. Meanwhile Shaw tries to peacefully coexist with his wife long enough to find their daughter - even if that means taking the law into his own hands.

Other stories include Peck's concern after discovering Epstein's (Gregory Smith) relationship with the sister (Mouna TraorĂ©) of the robbery suspect he shot and killed, Collins (Peter Mooney) strikes up a relationship with the squatter who was also a soldier in Afghanistan, and Andy and Swarek fight over him deciding to do a background check on her mother (Barbara Williams). None of these work as well as the Izzy Shaw storyline, but they continue to (slightly) move ongoing plot threads forward.

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