Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Michael J. Fox Show - Art

Although happy for their daughter Eve (Juliette Goglia) showing real excitement in one of her classes, Mike (Michael J. Fox) and Annie (Betsy Brandt) are concerned that it's a photography class that's mainly made of of shooting nude male models. Although outwardly supportive, each attempts to talk their daughter into something else (with mixed results as the pair end the night trying to break into the community center and steal their daughter's art the night before the exhibit).

Both of the Henry's other children get their own subplots as well. Ian (Conor Romero) decides to ignore his father's advice in favor of Harris Green (Wendell Pierce) who urges the young man to break-up with his girlfriend in order to broadly sample more of what life has to offer. Not to be outdone, Leigh (Katie Finneran) offers the jilted young woman some bad advice of her own. Meanwhile, Graham (Jack Gore), however, accepts his father's advice and uses the "six magic words" to get away with anything and everything he wants.

The show continues its lighter-than-lightweight old-school sitcom style. The writing is completely inoffensive and bland, and the documentary style shots (without the Pilot episode's reasoning for them) seem out of place. The result may not be awful, but it is a lazy and forgettable episode for a lazy and forgettable show you wouldn't even pay any attention to if it didn't mark Fox's return to television.

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