Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Astro City #6

Astro City #6 returns to the storyline introduced in the new series' first issue as mid-level mobster Thatcher Jones, who has had a knack all his life for realizing when to take advantage of an open door, decides on his own to make the acquaintance of Telseth whose giant door is sitting in the middle of his port.

Originally planning to shake the alien ambassador down for whatever Telseth may be inclined to give, Thatcher finds himself invited into an entirely new world as he literally walks through the latest door open to him and strikes up a friendship with alien telling Telseth much about his own life and agreeing to supply him with all kinds of Earth curiosities the ambassador has been learning about.

Thatcher also takes something from the unaware Telseth which turns his brother-in-law into a super-villain. With too much to loose of his own comfortable life, Thatcher refuses to use one of canisters on himself but holds onto them for a rainy day not knowing when another door might open.

Although presented through the trappings of a sci-fi story, the latest issue of Astro City is a straightforward character study of a complicated man taking advantage of an unique situation. For a mobster Thatcher is rather pleasant, but he also knows how the world works and is always looking to take the next available opportunity to improve his situation. Worth a look.

[Vertigo, $3.99]

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