Saturday, November 23, 2013

Covert Affairs - Trompe Le Monde

Annie's (Piper Perabo) season-long hunt ends in the Fourth Season finale as all the sacrifices she's made over the course of the year, including going dark and faking her own death, lead her face-to-face with Henry Wilcox (Gregory Itzin). The episode may begin with Annie as Wilcox's prisoner, but, after quite a few twists and turns, the episode (and season) comes to a close with Ms. Walker finishing her mission and returning home with hopes of slowly putting her life back together.

As Auggie (Christopher Gorham) stays in Hong Kong to work an extraction for Annie and a team to take down Henry, Calder (Hill Harper) returns home with Wilcox's man (Carl Ng) and a big win that puts pressure on Braithwaite (Craig Eldridge) to make a move to save his own ass that nearly costs Annie her life thousands of miles away. With any other options slowly dwindling, Wilcox decides to turn over Annie to Chinese intelligence in exchange for sanctuary, but Ms. Walker has other plans. Despite being hunted by both spies and the Hong Kong police Annie refuses to give up as she eventually tracks Henry for one last fateful meeting.

Well-paced and tension-filled, "Trompe Le Monde" caps off a season that took its lead character to some dark places only to return home stronger (and, if possible, even more willful). With her name cleared and a big feather in her cap by killing the biggest traitor the CIA has ever known, Annie's sacrifices over the course of the season are certainly not in vain (as Henry suggests at one point in the episode). How exactly the CIA may try to bring her back to life, and how normal that life will be, when the show returns for a Fifth Season remains to be seen.

The Wilcox storyline dominates the final episode, as it did over the course of the season, but the finale also wraps up some other lingering stories as Calder becomes the man of the hour inside Langley, Arthur (Peter Gallagher) pulls through surgery, and Joan (Kari Matchett) has her baby. The culmination of Annie's arc shows her to be more than a match for the world's most devious spy, and get justice for the man's victims all over the globe (including Teo Braga). Take a well-earned rest Ms. Walker; we'll see you next summer.

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