Friday, November 15, 2013

Morning Glories #34

The latest issue of Morning Glories is all about dealing with loss both in the present and the past. The focus of the issue is split between Jade dealing with the loss of her mother in a traffic accident and in the present Jade gathering together with Jun, Guillaume, Casey, Ike, Hunter, and Vanessa to have a secret farewell to the loss of Hisao who sacrificed himself to save his brother's life.

What stands out about Morning Glories #34 is the chance for present-day Jade to take charge. Although we've seen what the older future version of the character is capable of, the version stuck in Morning Glories Academy hasn't done much to speak-up for herself. Here Jade steps in-between the squabbling Casey and Jun to lead the entire group with a speech containing more words than she's likely said to anyone at one time since arriving at the school.

It wouldn't be a Morning Glories comic without a WTF moment and this one comes in the final few panels showing us Hisao wasn't the only one with limited power over life and death. Worth a look.

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