Thursday, November 14, 2013

Person of Interest - Endgame

After millions of the Russian mob's drugs are stolen out from under the couriers by Carter (Taraji P. Henson), who frames HR for the theft in an attempt to drive a final wedge between the two groups, Finch (Michael Emerson) receives the numbers of 38 cops from The Machine and Reese (Jim Caviezel) realizes their friend is responsible for lighting the fuse on a gang war.

To complete her plan Carter gives names and pictures of HR to Peter Yogorov (Morgan Spector) and leaves a cellphone with the personal number of  Quinn (Clarke Peters) number to frame HR for the heist and then frames Yogorov and his men for a attempt on Quinn's life which makes him order Simmons (Robert John Burke) to find and kill all of the Russian mob boss' lieutenants.

Trying to keep Reese, Finch, and Fusco (Kevin Chapman) out of the loop for what she has planned, Carter calls on the help of both Shaw (Sarah Shahi) and Elias (Enrico Colantoni) to put her plan to take down HR once and for all in motion. When she eventually comes for Quinn she is inevitably betrayed by the long arm of HR, but having learned her lesson Carter doesn't come alone and gets the last piece of evidence she needs to bury the dirty cops.

Focused mainly on Carter and her risky plan (which turns out not to be so risky after a couple late twists involving the FBI and Carter doing Quinn one better by making his trap her own) "Endgame" also includes flashbacks to Carter's troubled relationship with her ex-husband (Laz Alonso) further showing the lengths the former detective will go to protect those she loves. The episode ends with Quinn in Carter's protection but also with HR armed with Reese's picture (which even after this arc is over could come back to haunt him). With two more episodes of the special "three-week event" to come, and commercials strongly suggesting our old pal Fusco may not make it out alive, it looks like Carter may be able to take HR down but may not be prepared for the amount of collateral damage it will cause.

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