Monday, November 25, 2013

Nikita - Wanted

100 days after being framed for the murder of President Spencer (Michelle Nolden) and abandoning her team and going on the run alone, Nikita (Maggie Q) returns to the United States in the first episode of the show's final season. Her friends haven't been idle in her absence as Alex (Lyndsy Fonseca)and Sonya (Lyndie Greenwood) have been working in India to shutdown the human trafficking rings feeding The Shop with living guinea pigs for their experiments. Meanwhile Michael (Shane West) has been busy scrounging every piece of information for a lead on his missing fiance as Ryan (Noah Bean) and Birkhoff (Aaron Stanford) have been trying to discover how the very few pieces of the puzzle the have discovered fit together in Amanda's (Melinda Clarke) latest grand scheme.

Needing allies desperately, Nikita chooses a national pundit (Todd Grinnell) who has been berating the FBI relentlessly over their inability to catch Nikita and admit to the rumors of "the President's secret death squads." Sadly for Nikita, the man has no true leads to share and by showing up at the news station she's walked directly in Amanda's latest trap which she will need the help of the team she abandoned to escape.

With only six episodes to this final season the show has no time to waste throwing all the characters back into action. We even get an appearance of Owen (Devon Sawa) who shows up in India to complicate matters just as Alex was making some progress. The episode ends with Nikita wounded and still on the run alone but knowing her friends won't give up on her despite knowing the danger of helping the world's most wanted fugitive.

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