Saturday, November 16, 2013

The Crazy Ones - The Stan Wood Account

While Simon (Robin Williams) tries to keep the firm's business partner (Brad Garrett) from questioning the fictitious "Stan Wood Account," which is actually a pseudonym for an old client Simon was to have fired off years ago, Sydney (Sarah Michelle Gellar) deals with the unexpected romantic advances of an old actor (Ed Asner) who Simon brought back now that his old 80s campaign has caught on again on YouTube.

As Sydney's co-workers point out that her "old-man flirting" is to blame for the situation (which was actually caused by the old man's lechery), Gordon seeks out Andrew (Hamish Linklater) in an attempt to pry the truth out of the team's weakest member but it's Simon who finally cracks and tells Gordon he refused to fire the agency's original account even though it creates a conflict of interest with their biggest account.

Unable to keep the account, Simon and his team help his old friend (Barry Shabaka Henley) sell off his inventory (before burning the place down for the insurance money) and retire in a single weekend. Garrett's character comes a little out of nowhere and "The Stan Wood Account" isn't as good as the last couple of episodes but it does have some fun moments including the team hitting the car lot in the episode's final sequence.

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