Sunday, November 24, 2013

Noir #1

Written by Victor Gischler, whose run on The Shadow I quite enjoyed, the new five-issue mini-series from Dynamite Comics stars the Black Sparrow (a character introduced by Gischler in his run) and Miss Fury (who only appears in the final panels of this first issue).

Noir #1 sets up the storyline of the mini-series (a lost Templar treasure many are willing to kill to find) and we'll as offering the reunion between The Shadow and the Black Sparrow who pick-up right where they left off with threats, innuendos, flirting, double-crosses, and danger.

After having a precious Moonstone stolen from her (which she rightly stole all on her own for a client she then decided to double-cross), the Black Sparrow shows up in Lamont Cranston's home with an unusual proposition. Although he knows he can't trust her, The Shadow agrees as the pair delve into the mystery of the stone and how it is linked to a small tower in Newport which some believe was constructed by the Knights Templar.

The reunion between The Shadow and the Black Sparrow was enough for me to pick up this issue. Although I'm less interested in a Sparrow/Fury team-up there's enough here that I'd consider sticking with the series to see where it goes from here. Worth a look.

[Dynamite Entertainment, $3.99]

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