Saturday, November 23, 2013

The Crazy Ones - Sixteen-Inch Softball

After loosing an account Simon (Robin Williams) squares off against his partner Gordon (Brad Garrett) in a game of 16-inch softball to determine whether the creative or accounting division of the firm fires an employee to make up the cost. While not wanting to loose anyone from his side of the company, Simon is mostly scared that his legendary role as the greatest softball player the company has ever seen will be lost if he steps back on the field (given that he was high as a kite during his remarkable performance 10 years ago and hasn't shown an once of athleticism before or since).

When Zach's (James Wolk) attempts to coach him up prove unsuccessful he decides instead to build on the legend forcing the other team to intentionally walk the boss every time he makes it to the plate. The strategy works well until Gordon decides to actually pitch to his partner at which point Simon finds another way to leave the field with his legend (if not his dignity) intact.

The episode's B-story brings back the unresolved issue of Sydney and Andrew's (Hamish Linklater) kiss when Sydney learns that his girlfriend Nancy (Brooke Lyons) blames her for the entire situation. Sydney's attempts to try and rectify the issue only create further problems (including Nancy leaving the park with a black eye).

Although we don't get much time on the softball field, the retelling of Simon's moment of glory inside the office is quite entertaining as is his pain-killer-induced hallucination of what he sees on the diamond after he throws his back out. I'm also glad to see the show hasn't forgotten about Andrew and Sydney's awkward romantic moment and finds away to build on it with Sydney taking one for the team.

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