Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Almost Human - Beholder

Filling in a bit about Chromes (genetically-enhanced humans which played a role in last week's episode), "Beholder" features a killer (Michael Eklund) targeting the select group who died under apparently natural circumstances, including the murder of a Chrome which Detective Stahl (Minka Kelly) brings to Kennex (Karl Urban) and Dorian's (Michael Ealy) attention. Stealing a bit of each victim's DNA using experimental nanobots (which were outlawed for killing donors during medical trials), their killer is slowly building a map of a new perfect face piece by stolen piece.

Given reports that FOX has repeatedly shown episodes of the series out-of-order, and how much more information is given about Chromes in this episode as opposed to "Disrupt," I expected to see that this episode was meant to air first. Oddly, that's not the case as apparently creator J.H. Wyman wanted to do an entire episode hinging on the group of genetically-improved humans before properly introducing them here.

Along with providing more information about Chromes, and teasing (but not revealing) Stahl's past which led her to a career in law enforcement, "Beholder" also features a guest-role for Tony Cox as a possible recurring character as one of Kennex's soucreces should the series continue past next week's season finale. The episode also ends on a tragic note (and a little too cute a twist) as medically-scarred hopeless romantic learns that the woman (Amanda Paller) he has loved from afar can never appreciate the almost perfect new face he's killed eight people to achieve.

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