Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Intelligence - Delta Force

When a former member of Delta Force (Matt Gerald), and an old friend of Gabriel's (Josh Holloway), begins assassinating presidential candidates in Bolivia, Gabriel, Riley (Meghan Ory), and Jameson (Michael Rady) head to La Paz stop him before he kill his next target (Yancey Arias) and the man's wife (Iris Almario) on the eve of him meeting Undersecretary Jim Sutters (Michael Albala) but when their CIA contract gets shot and blown up and the assassin learns the location of the safehouse things get even more difficult.

Separated from Riley and a wounded Jameson, Gabriel manages to catch-up to his old friend and learn they've been looking at the entire scenario in the wrong light. It isn't Gabriel's former Delta Force comrade they need to protect the candidate from but rather the man's wife and her brother (Jaime Zevallos) who plan to kill both and the Undersecretary.

Almario's performance tips of the twist well-before the episode calls for it leaving the rest of the episode to catch-up with a story you've likely already figured out. The turmoil of Gabriel being sent to take out an old friend would have had more emotional impact had "Delta Force" kept to the original story as well. Instead we end with a buddy-style ending where everyone goes home both safe and happy. It's also worth noting that this is one of the few episodes we've seen where none of the scientists play any kind of role in Gabriel's latest mission and once again Riley's job of protection detail involves letting her partner jump headfirst into life-threatening situations.

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