Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Green Hornet #9

With the police, and now the FBI, breathing down their necks the Green Hornet and Kato get help from an unexpected source when the pair walk straight into a trap. However, all things considered, the Hornet would have probably preferred events had taken a far different path.

Picking up the plot thread of Lt. Dugan, the honest police officer the Hornet attempted to bribe, the latest issue turns tragic as Britt Reid is faced with the horror of how his actions unintentionally have destroyed a once honest man's life. An argument between the policeman and his ailing wife for the bribe not taken leads to disastrous results not helped by a phone call minutes too late to do the man any good.

I'm not going to lie, Green Hornet #9 is a depressing issue (and more than a little gruesome with what Dugan goes through to dispose of his wife's body), but it's also a strong issue that hits the hero with a completely unexpected consequence that may take several issues to play out. Worth a look.

[Dynamite Entertainment, $3.99]

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