Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Fatale #20

Picking up the thread of the ongoing B-story of Nicholas Lash's rescue and torture by Lance, Fatale begins its final arc as Josephine comes after Lash and the demented former rocker who became obsessed with her years ago during her amnesia period.

With Fatale #20 the waiting, along with Josephine's hiding, is over. Quickly dispatching disciples of the cult still hunting for her, Josephine draws on her gifts to find Lash aware it opens herself up for detection. Although Lash is grateful for her intervention, he can't help but notice how easily Josephine deals with a former lover (much like his uncle) who is no longer of any use to her.

Although I'm happy to hear of Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips' new deal with Image allowing them freedom to tell a variety of stories in the coming months, I'm sad to see Fatale coming to an end. The glimpses we get of Josephine's suicide attempts remind us of quite bit of backstory yet to be developed, so I'm hoping the pair might return to the characters sometime down the line. Worth a look.

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