Thursday, February 6, 2014

Person of Interest - Provenance

When the latest number turns out to be an Olympic gymnast turned art thief (Elaine Tan) with an obsessed Interpol agent (Henri Lubatti) on her trail, Shaw (Sarah Shahi) prevents the robbery of the Gutenberg Bible. After doing so, however, she learns the situation is far more complicated than it initially appeared. Discovering that Kelli Lin is being blackmailed into a series of robberies by a nefarious character (Gene Farber) keeping the gymnast's child hostage, Finch (Michael Emerson), Shaw, Fusco (Kevin Chapman), and Reese (Jim Caviezel) all decide to help her pull her next job.

As a fan of heist films I really enjoyed "Provenance" with the slow build-up to the unbreakable security building and the various steps the team takes to work their way in and procure the bible. I may not buy the Interpol agent's final actions, but the robbery itself and the takedown of the mastermind both work well. I also enjoyed the episode's final scene where a celebratory drink to a job well done isn't finished without a toast to the team's missing member.

I enjoyed Tan in the role of the art thief with a heart of gold. And her back-and-forth with Shaw to begin the episode was a nice touch. For a show that has built up a large supply of recurring characters that pop up from time to time such as Root (Amy Acker), Zoe (Paige Turco), Elias (Enrico Colantoni), and Leon (Ken Leung), I'm hoping we haven't seen the last of Ms. Lin.

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