Friday, February 14, 2014

Fleming: The Man Who Would Be Bond - Episode 3

The four-part series showcasing the less glamorous real-life spy work of the man who would go on to create the most famous of fictional spies of all time continues as Ian Fleming (Dominic Cooper) returns from America and his short stint learning from the the group organizing America's new Central Intelligence Agency to put together his own team of guerrilla spies and saboteurs to collect intelligence and generally cause trouble for the Axis.

As with the two previous episodes of the four-part mini-series, Episode 3 shows us insight into the parts of Bond that came directly from Fleming's own character (such as his rough treatment with women which is further explored here) and experiences while also reminding us Fleming's career was far less glamorous than that of his creation. The third piece of the story could easily be entitled "Licence to Kill" as much of the story deals with a hard truth Fleming must face about his own limitations as a soldier and spy.

Returned from America and his time away preparing the 30 AU (which he was denied the right to command in the field), and forced to help the war office go ahead with Operation Mincemeat (stolen from one of Fleming's various imaginative plans to confound the enemy), the Commander also faces the continuing drama concerning his complicated relationship with Ann (Lara Pulver) which becomes no more clear when he learns of her husband's death on the battlefield leading into next week's final installment of the series.

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