Monday, February 10, 2014

Atlantis - Touched by the Gods (Part 1)

The First Season comes to a close with the first-half of the season finale that finds King Minos (Alexander Siddig) near death, full power within Pasiphae's (Sarah Parish) grasp, and Jason's (Jack Donnelly) debt to Circe (Lucy Cohu) comes due. Struggling with killing the Queen of Atlantis, despite what he knows about her, Jason sneaks into the palace with the help of Pythagoras (Robert Emms) and Hercules (Mark Addy) but at the last moment is unable to go through with the assassination.

The series of events following the failed assassination will lead to a wounded Jason spending the night in Ariadne's (Aiysha Hart) quarters. That, and the princess choosing to smuggle Jason out of the palace the next morning, brings solid repercussions for Ariadne who is found guilty of treason and sentenced to death.

Although Jason is able to kill Circe and break the curse, defeating both the witch and her skeleton warriors, he also learns the fate of the woman he loves just as the first-half of the two-part season finale comes to a close. With Minos apparently out of the picture and Ariadne about to be killed, full power is within Pasiphae's grasp meaning it's time for the show's hero to step up perhaps leading to some major changes as the show returns for a Second Season next year.

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