Thursday, February 6, 2014

Batman and Robin Annual #2

My issue with Batman and Robin Annual #2, which is a mostly unremarkable recreation of Dick Grayson first day as Robin, is the comic is simply yet another example of DC continuing to shit all over their own characters' beloved comic history by rebranding the first Robin costume as a crappy version of Tim Drake's pre-New 52 costume.

Although the Annual's story allows it to weave in Damian (reminding us how much the Bat-books miss him right now), it doesn't actually do much to compare Damian and Dick's versions of Robin (which is really supposed to be the point). I will say the joke about an average day in school for Dick was funny (but didn't need to be repeated). But the villain, Tusk, is completely forgettable, and even this younger version of Batman comes off like a complete prick through 90% of the story.

Even with the fan bait of giving Batman fans a taste of the character Grant Morrison killed only because he could, Batman and Robin Annual #2 is unremarkarkable except for the fact it will likely continue to piss off longtime DC fans. Pass.

[DC, $4.99]

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