Saturday, October 4, 2014

Beware the Batman - Hero

Tired of Batman (Anthony Ruivivar) making him look like a fool, and with his chances at winning the upcoming mayoral race dwindling, Harvey Dent (Christopher McDonald) accepts Anarky's (Wallace Langham) offer of partnership and brings in a vigilante of his own to take the Dark Knight Detective down. Of course that's where things start going wrong for the District Attorney.

The good will of Deathstroke's (Robin Atkin Downes) first public appearance, foiling a staged robbery at a fancy Gotham restaurant, and the hired gun taking out Katana (Sumalee Montano), is quickly used up as Deathstroke publicly kidnaps Dent and holds him hostage to force Batman's hand. Defeating the villain and saving his public enemy, Batman manages to save the day once more, even without Katana's help.

Aside from the fact he has both of his eyes, this version of Deathstroke varies quite a bit from either the classic or New 52 comic version of the Teen Titans' deadliest enemy. Lacking the enhanced abilities found in his comic appearances (and even on Arrow), this version of the character has the training but not the conviction or heart to best our hero. Even after seeing the villain fall to his apparent death, Batman doesn't believe we've seen the last of Deathstroke.

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