Sunday, October 26, 2014

Star Wars Rebels - Fighter Flight

Forced to work together on a supply run after the rest of the crew gets sick of their constant fighting, Ezra (Taylor Gray) and Garazeb (Steve Blum) do a bit of bonding while stealing fruit from Imperial Stormtroopers and making off with a TIE Fighter which comes in handy helping a local farmer (Liam O'Brien) who is arrested after refusing to sell his land to the Empire.

Pretty much a mismatched buddy action-comedy storyline, "Fighter Flight" does showcase a bit more of Ezra's burgeoning Jedi powers, and Sabine's (Tiya Sircar) sense of humor, while allowing the ship's most troublesome twosome to bond over what they have in common - getting into trouble. The pressure the Imperials put on Morad Sumar (O'Brie) also underlines the needs for Rebels like the crew of the Ghost to stand-up for those who can't stand-up for themselves.

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