Thursday, October 16, 2014

Person of Interest - Brotherhood

When two young children (Amir Mitchell-Townes, Kaci Walfall) steal the cash from a drug sale gone wrong they become the targets of the baddest new gang in town known as The Brotherhood and run by a mystery man named Dominic who no one outside the group can identify. Under his cover as a NYPD Homicide Detective, Reese (Jim Caviezel) works with DEA Agent Erica Lennox (Rosie Benton) to find the kids and the missing $500,000 before the gang find them first.

While helping run interference between the kids and the gang, Shaw (Sarah Shahi) manages to grab one of the members of the Brotherhood (Winston Duke) who may not identify his leader but does lead her to enough leverage to get Reese and the children out of a sticky situation. In an episode of twists, the truth about Agent Lennox was easy to see coming. Despite being basically a rehash of Elias' introduction involving the leader hiding in plain sight, the Dominic reveal is more effective.

Speaking of Elias (Enrico Colantoni), the episode returns the would-be crime boss of New York City for a pair of scenes with Finch (Michael Emerson) broadly discussing the brand-new world in which they find themselves. Although Finch doesn't tell Elias about the government surveillance system, he does his best to warn Elias to stay in the shadows, perhaps giving Elias enough clues to work on the mystery for himself or to get into trouble while seeking real answers. The question remains, is Elias to be an ally in the battle against Samaritan or yet another obstacle for the team to overcome?

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