Saturday, October 25, 2014

Stalker - Phobia

The latest case for Beth (Maggie Q) and Jack (Dylan McDermott) involves a sadistic stalker (David Chisum) who finds his victims on dating sites to learn about their darkest fears and later tortures them with those fears for his own amusement. Whether it be invading a victim's (Rachael Carpani) house to throw her into complete darkness and watch her struggle to find her bearings, plant 32 snakes in the house of a woman (Andrea Bogart) who is deathly afraid of the creatures, or weight a woman (Daphne Avalon) down in a slowly filling bathtub to play on her fear of drowning, the team needs to find the violent man before his elaborate scenarios harm more victims.

While offering a different take on a stalker whose obsession with the one woman (Dianna Catterton) he can't get to leads him to target others, the show continues to play on existing themes of the show including Whitley's (Erik Stocklin) obsession with Beth and dating of her friend Tracy (Tara Summers) and Jack's continued attempts to get to know his new boss whose secrets (like his) remain hidden for now and falling into bad habits by getting involved with one of his co-workers (Mariana Klaveno) when he knows it's a bad idea.

Disturbing to be sure, the case of showcases how the show can find ways to vary stalker cases to keep the procedural aspects of each episode fresh and interesting. As to the ongoing subplots, Tracy's relationship with Whitely is likely to end badly for all invovlved and it will be interesting to see where the one-night stand between Jack and Janice leads and how it might effect both is relationship with Beth and Amanda (Elisabeth Röhm) who wants her ex out of town as soon as possible.

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