Thursday, October 2, 2014

Person of Interest - Nautilus

As Shaw (Sarah Shahi) begins to enjoy her new cover-identity's life as a department clerk by day and criminal by night, Reese (Jim Caviezel) enlists the help of reluctant Finch (Michael Emerson) involving the latest number, a gifted but troubled young woman named Claire Mahoney (Quinn Shephard) who is in more danger than she could possibly imagine both from agents of a paramilitary organization whose secret files she hacked and the hidden creator of a game leading her around the city on a scavenger hunt solving complex puzzles to prove her ability.

While Reese works to keep the hired thugs from killing the young woman, Finch attempts to reason with Claire who is seeking a purpose in what has become an empty existence since her parents meaningless death. What begins as a case of the week becomes anything but as Finch discovers Samaritan is responsible for creating the game which Claire is obsessed over for the sole purpose of recruiting its own version of Root (Amy Acker) to be the second machine's most trusted agent. Presented with the facts, Claire chooses to risk her life to win the game, and in doing so she wins the protection of Samaritan turning a potential ally for Finch and friends into a potentially deadly adversary.

Claire becomes the newest recurring character to be introduced. Given Root's suspicion about what Samaritan may use her for its likely we'll see more of her before too long. Aside from Claire's introduction, "Nautilus" also brings Finch back into the fold reuniting the team and introducing their new base of operation in a closed subway tunnel long forgotten by everyone except The Machine. With the gang all back together it looks like the fight to take back the city from Samaritan has finally begun.

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