Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Hawaii Five-0 - Ka Makuakane

Abduction is the theme of the latest episode of Hawaii Five-0 as Danny (Scott Caan) is threatened by Marco Reyes (Anthony Ruivivar) who wants the $18 million Danny's brother stole from him before disappearing off the grid and Five-0 is called in to investigated the kidnapping of a young girl from a school recital mistaken for the daughter of a wealthy couple (William Mapother, Natasha Henstridge) who the abductor blames for his own child's death. Despite the tease at the end of last week's episode, Danny's storyline is put on hold for most of the episode as the team uncovers the reasons for Sophie's kidnapping and works to get the scared young girl reunited with her mother (Anne Leighton). However, the episode's final scene informs Detective Williams that his brother is being held against his will and is potentially in a great deal of danger if Reyes doesn't get his money. The kidnapping has some nice twists and the urgency to identify the man responsible (Brian White) causes Five-0 to call in Jerry Ortega (Jorge Garcia) to help Kono (Grace Park) sift through video footage. Jerry's ongoing storyline about the counterfeit ring, like Danny's subplot, is touched on as well, but isn't developed any further.

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