Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Morning Glories #41

Quidditch time! Okay, so it's not exactly wizards flying on broomsticks, but the latest issue of Morning Glories reveals that the school does have its own original sport for the students with specific rules and outcomes already predetermined. It's Towerball time!

Focusing mostly on Guillaume who maneuvers himself to be the captain of the Blue Team (the team destined to lose), Morning Glories #41 continues showcasing another kind of effort the students use to fight back against the teachers and the mysterious Headmaster who has decreed that Red Team will always win... so what happens if one year it doesn't?

I've got to say after 40 issues I've been on the fence about continuing to pick-up the intriguing, but meandering, series, but this issue sold me on the title for a least another month. Bring on Towerball! Worth a look.

[Image, $3.50]

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