Monday, October 6, 2014

Doctor Who - Kill the Moon

From the looks of things Clara's (Jenna Coleman) days as The Doctor's (Peter Capaldi) companion are coming to an end. Although I think it's more than a little cheap to fracture the relationship in the very next episode after Danny Pink (Samuel Anderson) warns Clara about The Doctor, the situation the Time Lord puts his companion in makes sense... at least from his point of view. Attempting to appease Clara, The Doctor takes his companion and Courtney (Ellis George) to the moon during a pivotal moment in human history to make young Courtney into the special young girl that Clara insists she is.

Far from a pleasure trip, the travelers arrive on a crash-landing shuttle to an unstable moon infested with spider-like creatures in the year 2049 where they, and the sole surviving member of the shuttle crew (Hermione Norris) discover the cause of the moon's issues: an unique creature buried deep inside the moon's core is awakening and hatching. Seeing the astronaut has chosen to kill the creature with the nuclear payload brought to the moon, The Doctor literally removes himself from the situation by abandoning the astronaut, Clara, and Courtney on the moon to decide the fate of the creature and the fate of the future of human kind on their own.

The story works as it allows The Doctor to abide by the laws of his people (for once) but still come off as cold and irresponsible to Clara. The fallout of the encounter releases a new life into space and strains Clara's relationship with The Doctor to the breaking point. It's not likely we've seen the last of Clara just yet, but the episode certainly marks a turning point in her travels with The Doctor preparing viewers for the Impossible Girl's exit sometime in the likely not-too-distant future.

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