Saturday, October 11, 2014

Stalker - What Ever Happened to Baby James?

While continuing to build on storylines begun in the "Pilot" involving Detective Jack Larsen (Dylan McDermott) stalking his ex (Elisabeth Röhm) and son and Perry Whitley's (Erik Stocklin) new obsession with Lieutenant Beth Davis (Maggie Q), the team is called in to investigate a home invasion they believe is tied to the stalking of an attractive high school student (Sammi Hanratty) but whose true motives are far more complicated. The team almost discovers the true subject of the stalking too late to prevent a second tragedy involving a disturbed woman (Tara Summers) attempting to replace a son she may or may not have intentionally killed years ago.

The main story works well and makes better use of the supporting cast (Victor Rasuk, Mariana Klaveno, Chelsea Harris) helping to explain their purpose in the office while Davis and Larsen do he bulk of the unit's field work. "What Ever Happened to Baby James?" is an improvement over the "Pilot," although it is still saddled with the unnecessary dark mysterious pasts of not one but two lead characters to traverse and tease viewers with (rather than simply offer clues and foreshadow something in their past before exploring it in depth further down the line).

Of the two recurring storylines neither serve the show. Röhm's subplot is intentionally vague showing there's far more to her relationshp with the detective than just a failed romance, but doesn't give you enough information to care why. The return of Stocklin as Perry suggests the show will continue to take dark turns as the upset young stalker has been given a new obsession. Perry choosing to target Davis' friend is certainly ominous and while more interesting that failed family subplot, neither is a good as the team's work on the case of the week so I'm hoping (but certainly not betting on) that both will be wrapped up swiftly.

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