Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Atlantis - The Queen Must Die (Part 1)

The first-half of Atlantis' series finale offers fans the long-awaited wedding between Jason (Jack Donnelly) and Ariadne (Aiysha Hart) and forces Jason's hand concerning the fate of his mother Pasiphae (Sarah Parish) and his acceptance of his destiny. Even with celebration of the woodland wedding, there's a melancholy that surrounds part one of "The Queen Must Die" as the show sows the seeds of unhappiness between Ariadne and her love with the return of Medea (Amy Manson) as Ariadne realizes she lacks full control over her new husband's heart.

Given BBC's decision not to renew the show for a Third Season, I'll be curious to see on what note the series leaves Jason's adventures given his plans to re-take Atlantis with his small band of warriors. The finale also likely will end in heartbreak for Pythagoras (Robert Emms) given his conclusion that Icarus (Joseph Timms) is the traitor in their midst and has been feeding news about Jason and his friends to Pasiphae's court. Since the writers had hoped to continue Jason's adventures past this season I doubt will get a proper conclusion to his adventures in Atlantis but I hope to at least see some of the season's arcs come to a satisfying end as I wonder just what role Medea and her connection to the series' hero will play in the finale.

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