Thursday, August 13, 2015

Clipped - Free Wednesday

In "Free Wednesday" both the main story and B-story play on ongoing themes of the show's First Season. The episode gets it's name from an embarrassing event from Ben's (Ryan Pinkston) high school years which is brought up by the passing of a former high school teacher (Larry Miller) who collapses from a heart attack outside the barber shop after Ben berates the elderly man. The lack of Ben's remorse doesn't sit well with the rest of crew, but his attempt to rectify the situation by attending the man's funeral only ends in more embarrassment for everyone involved.

The episode's B-story involves Joy (Lauren Lapkus) dealing with both the news of an unexpected pregnancy and her decision to end her marriage. As expected, Mo (Matt Cook) has an equally complicated reaction to both sets of news (although he's obviously happier at one piece of news than the other). Although neither storyline fails to stray far outside its comfort zone, with both comfortably set within well-established themes of the show, each provides a few humorous moments (such the barbershop gossip over Ben's embarrasing moment and the fireworks to end the episode).

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