Thursday, August 6, 2015

Clipped - The Gambler

Mothers and marriages are the major themes of "The Gambler" as Buzzy's (George Wendt) co-workers discover that his gambling addiction is not only getting him in hot water at home but possibly also costing his mother who relies on her son to pay for her medication. Ben's (Ryan Pinkston) closeness to his own mother will play into the company poker game, both as the butt of jokes and as a way for A.J. (Mike Castle) and Mo (Matt Cook) to force their boss' hand. At the same time the marriage of one of the Doyles makes Joy (Lauren Lapkus) question her own marriage and begin looking at Mo in a new light.

Although it keeps the status quo, Mo's advice to Joy certainly stays true to the character. However, if the show wants to keep playing this game between the two at some point it will have to show us Joy's husband in a way that not only explains why she married the man but why she has continued to stayed with him. Despite Ashley Tisdale's minimal involvement in either storyline (something I wouldn't recommend becoming a trend), "The Gambler" proves to be one of Clipped's funnier episodes to date.

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