Sunday, August 23, 2015

Velvet #11

With issue #11 Velvet moves forward on a new arc as Velvet Templeton reaches out to an old acquaintance in Maximilian Dark. The first five pages are all presented from Dark's point of view before a ghost from his past shows up asking for his help. The opening conversation between the pair helps solidify the comic's timeline as we learn Velvet has been on the run for three months and remains her former agency's #1 most wanted. It also fills us in on how Velvet has spent time as a secretary in Paris snooping into an international conglomerate she believes may be connected to X-14's death.

Part One of "The Man Who Stole the World" sets up what we assume is a shaky temporary partnership between Velvet and an old flame (as we've seen in the comic use before). The issue's final few pages however reveals that there's far more to Maximilian Dark than just an old flame to help with the search. Max, it seems, may be the first domino in the larger conspiracy that has cost multiple men their lives and forced Velvet on the run. I don't know exactly what Dark's game is, but I'm curious to see Velvet uncover it and us it, as she uses him here, to her advantage in the coming months. Worth a look.

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