Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Wander Over Yonder- The Big Day

After finally giving up his quest to capture Wander (Jack McBrayer) and turning his attention to get back to the rampant universal destruction that he previously enjoyed with "Boomapalooza," Lord Hater's (Keith Ferguson) enemies fall right into his lap. Tricked by Wander and Sylvia (April Winchell) to properly savor the moment, Hater finds it increasingly difficult to get around to destroying the pair.

Basically a one-joke episode, "The Big Day" is all about Wander and Sylvia prolonging the situation by continuing to suggest Hater become more invested in the auspicious moment of defeating his enemies. From picking out his sparkly new costume to the outrageous venue to the method of their destruction, not only do the pair keep themselves from being obliterated but Hater's distraction keeps Boomapalooza from ever beginning saving 12 planets from the destructive Disaster Blaster 5000.

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