Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Wander Over Yonder - The Greater Hater

Wander Over Yonder returns to kick-off it's Second Season with "The Greater Hater" which introduces a new villain who has usurped Lord Hater as the greatest villain in the galaxy. Hater, it seems, has fallen all the way down the list to #29th greatest villain by constantly getting caught up in Wander's foolishness. The episode begins with Lord Dominator's agents disrupting the latest altercation between Wander and Hater who each will spend the rest of the episode in fruitless attempts to best their new adversary (with love and violence respectively).

Dominator's introduction, especially the reveal of the villain's true personality in the episode's final scene, teases an ongoing plot that may turn the show on its head for much of the new season (maybe even leading to a Hater/Wander team-up?). Outwardly more menacing than Hater but truly just as energetic and crazy as Wander, it will be interesting to see how long the show keeps the villain's true face from her rivals. It's also worth noting that Dominator gets under Wander's skin in a way Hater rarely (if ever) has managed to do, even temporarily disrupting the character's optimistic outlook, suggesting Dominator is likely to have far more power over Wander (at least in the short-term) than Hater ever had.

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