Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Attack of the Mega Shredder!

Returned to New York from their travels in time, the adventures of the Turtles get no less bizarre when they attempt to use stealth to sneak into Shredder's (Kevin Michael Richardson) lair. Despite Donatello's (Rob Paulsen) latest invention, the team's first attempt ends in only getting Raphael (Sean Astin) injured and drawing Splinter's (Hoon Lee) ire. Leonardo (Seth Green) and Michelangelo's (Greg Cipes) second attempt only creates more trouble as their capture inadvertently causes the creation of the gigantic Mega Shredder (think a Godzilla creature but with more Picasso thrown in) the Turtles need their pals to help take down.

I've grown tired of the series' grotesquely-mutated creatures, which the Mega Shredder certainly falls into. It's far less interesting watching the Turtles take on the misshapen monsters given how many they've taken down in the past few years. On the plus-side the episode does give us stealthy Leo (pretty cool, dude) and Donnie's Voltron-esque robot controlled by the other two Turtles, Casey Jones (Josh Peck), and April (Mae Whitman) who help destroy the Mega Shredder.

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